Stages of Olive Oil production

The fruit of the Koronian olive tree is collected in a traditional manner (with sticks and by trim) and within 24 hours the olives are then transported to the olive oil factory. There the olives go through different stages so that the procedure of olive oil production can begin.

We start by extracting the leaves from the olives by vacuum.

Then the olives are washed so that they are clean from dirt and dust. The olives are then weighed, the olive oil is also weighed at the end of the procedure so that the farmer knows how many kilos of olives he brought and how many kilos of olive oil he produced.

Then the olives are broken with the seeds and made into a pulp. The breaking of the olive is an important part of the production that is done with metal breaking machine. During the olive oil production care is needed so that the temperature of the olive pulp doesn't' rise. If the temperature of the olive pulp is too high this can result in bitter tasting olive oil.

The kneading of the pulp takes place in special stainless steel kneading machines.

There, in a totally natural manner, exclusively with the use of mechanical means, and in a temperature of less than 27o C, the cold extraction of the olive’s natural juice takes place, also known as extra virgin olive oil.